Top Reasons To Take A River Cruise

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By Gravalar

1 Hassle-Free Experience

The first thing about river cruises is that it is among the better ways to explore and visit the most fascinating and beautiful cities and towns in the world in a hassle-free way. You get to board one of the luxurious ships, unpack only once, and in absolute luxury you get to enjoy the sights of sailing from destination to destination. You will also be offered more than enough time at every port-of-call which means there is no need to rush or feel pressured into having to join the cruise line tours (yet more often than not these are included in the price of the cruise). And, very unlike many of the Ocean Cruises, the River Cruises are a lot more relaxed and casual, which means you can leave that cocktail dress and dinner suit at home!

2 One Of The Better Ways To Explore

Unlike an Ocean Ship, the River Ships are smaller which allows these vessels to dock in the center of towns and cities (and most of the greatest cities in the world can be accessed by river). This means that you literally walk off the River Ship into the city or town. Travelling is often hard work when you have to pack and unpack your bags many times, or having to move from one accommodation to the next. With River Cruising, your accommodation is moving with you! Sometimes called “boutique hotels on water”, the river cruise ships offer every amenity that the luxury hotels do, AND they offer the benefits of moving you from one popular destination to another. The on-board facilities usually include fitness centres, bars, restaurants, pools and spas. There is also many rivers waiting to be explored and just as many itineraries to choose from, which means there is truly something to suit all tastes.

3 More Intimate

Due to the overall nature of these ships, having to sail under very low bridges and through compact and tight locks, the size of these ships are obviously restricted. The majority of the River Ships can take between 150 to 300 guests (some even fewer). This helps to bring the passengers together, which makes it easier to make friends and get acquainted. Many people make friends that they keep for life on these cruises. One of the benefits of fewer passengers also means easier access to the staff, and the staff on these cruises are amazing!

4 Luxurious Accommodation

Many people are amazed that the onboard staterooms are contemporary and spacious, which is easy to compare to modern hotel rooms. In each stateroom, you will find the usual luxurious amenities like flat-screen TVs, Internet access (which is usually complimentary), bathrobes, slippers, a refrigerator, and other types of “hotel-style” amenities. Many of these ships also provide the option of outside or inside cabins, with many of the cabins on the outside offering step-out balconies.

5 Ever-Changing Scenery

With new ports of call each day you will never get bored of the breath-taking scenery, whether you are enjoying a cup of coffee on your own private balcony while spending time by the pool, or even eating a meal in the onboard restaurant. You can be sure you will get to see stunning scenes that pass by while you sail along one of the rivers. From medieval castles to hillside vineyards, you can expect the most beautiful scenery! So make sure you bring along your camera!

6 Steeped In Culture

River cruises offer real insights into local cultures. These include onboard lectures, tours ashore, to onboard entertainment and activities. The excursions and tours on offer are fantastic and led by seasoned experts that will take you on a journey to the history and culture behind each of the destinations. Many of these cruises also offer onboard talks and lectures to help you learn more about the culture and history of each destination. You can also get to enjoy tasting local culinary delights on board since a few of these River Cruise Lines will change their menus to match the destination. Expect very high standards since the meals on board are truly delicious.