Hiring computer and IT equipment to train your staff

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By Gravalar

There are times in the year when a business needs a larger number of computers, but not on a permanent basis. Examples include the roll out of IT training e.g., for an upgrade to a new version of Windows or training programmes for apprentices / graduates.

Apprentice / graduate programmes and other training courses tend to start on one date in the year and means there is an immediate increase in staff numbers (temporary or permanent) and they need access to computing power, IT systems and other AV resources. 

The Finance Director or whoever has control of the capital expenditure budget does have the choice to purchase outright all additional computer equipment that is needed. But in a training scenario it appears to make more commercial sense to hire in, or rent, the equipment that is needed. 

There are a large number of companies out there that specialise in the rental of IT, computer and AV equipment. One of the benefits of choosing the hiring route is access to the latest specification of equipment.

Paul Spittle of Tek Hire in Slough Berkshire says. “We have come into situations where a company has tried to pull together or configure machines using old or redundant computers, but it never works. It ends up being a false economy both in terms of time and money.”

There is a well-known phrase in business. ‘Only do what only you can do’. Businesses rely on IT and AV rental companies like Tek Hire (and in Scotland Quality Rental) to provide the latest in IT and AV products and to be able to deliver and configure all equipment either on or off site.

Setting up the training room environment

As well as the time-saving element already mentioned, there is no pressure or additional stress placed on internal IT teams to set up any new training room. The other advantage of outsourcing the training room set-up is the reassurance that the room will be ready on time, the equipment has been tested and the person delivering the training is 100% happy. That may include loading bespoke items like the company logo and other software.

Some training room setups can be simple e.g., a traditional training room with PC computers, laptops (or iPads) plus larger touch screens for the trainer. A more elaborate set-up might include additional equipment like an electronic voting system to gauge people’s understanding of the training as it progresses.

Training suggests something that is temporary e.g., a training course that lasts a day, a week or a part-time commitment over a longer period of time. But even with training programmes like law firm training contracts or graduate training programmes that go on for two years, hiring equipment like laptop computers might still make more sense than buying them.

Training at multiple locations – not a problem 

Larger businesses with multiple locations might need more than one training room set up in more than one location. Paul Spittle says: “This is more common than you might think but is no problem when you are a national business like we are with technicians who are employed by us and have been with us for a long time. It is not uncommon for us to keep one of our set-up technicians on-site who can provide immediate support during the training should anything untoward happen. When it is important, clients are happy to pay for the additional peace of mind.”

If you are needing additional computer and AV equipment to resource the training needs in your business contact Tek Hire on 0345 230 0835 or Quality Rental 01355 699077