6 Reasons Why Egypt Is Worth Visiting

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By Gravalar

Tour Egypt’s Ancient Landmarks

Egypt is well known for its ancient history, and most tourists who plan to visit Egypt are motivated by their desire to fulfil their archaeological dreams. Most of them have also heard exciting stories about several features, so visiting the country lets them experience everything in real-time.

The country’s history and culture are fascinating; it has great landmarks like the Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings, and the Pyramids of Giza. These historical structures are among the well-preserved ancient Egyptian architecture, and visitors curious about history and archaeology must take the time to explore them. Moreover, one can also visit the ancient tombs, museums, and temples, which hold a lot of information and details regarding Egypt’s rich past.

2023 is a special year because the Grand Egyptian Museum will open, ready to receive visitors from around the world. After its opening, the museum is set to rank among the best globally, as it boasts more than 100,000 artefacts and exhibits, for instance, King Tut’s treasure collection.

Excellent Budget-Friendly Destination

A good reason to tour Egypt in 2023 is that it’s super affordable and offers value for money on meals, accommodation, and various leisure activities. Egypt ranks top of other destinations when it comes to competitive rates on travel services, so travellers on a tight budget have nothing to worry about. Besides the great prices, the country has an advanced tourism industry, offering lots of options and services, meaning there’s something for everyone. Simply put, Egypt offers an incredible travel experience for less. In addition, Egypt’s exchange rate is quite favourable, giving tourists value for their cash, which is also a good thing for budget-conscious individuals.

A downside to this is that locals face a hard time resulting from the exchange rate fluctuations, so be considerate and tip well if you can. Follow this tipping guide while you tour and have fun in Egypt.

Enjoy Egypt’s Tasty Cuisine

Like, its history, Egypt has a rich culinary tradition, offering a variety of foods and drinks. From spicy soups and steaks to fresh juices and pastries, there’s no shortage of delicacies. If traditional cuisines are not your thing, visit one of the international restaurants, and you’ll be served cuisine from anywhere in the world, all at an affordable price. Vegetarians and vegans will also be spoilt for choice.

Not every day you get the chance to enjoy lunch with a fantastic view like this.

Experience a Arts and Music Scene Like No Other

Egypt’s art and music scene is vibrant, with a wide range of materials to enjoy – both traditional and contemporary. Visitors with a taste for traditional performances can enjoy these kinds of music and dances while the rest may opt for modern music festivals. Apart from the lively events, there are countless museums and galleries in Egypt where tourists get a chance to experience the country’s artistic heritage and the works of locals as well as international artists.

Creatives must see: Khan el Khalili market, Museum of Islamic Art.

Bask in the Warm and Sunny Climate

Outdoor enthusiasts and beach lovers will enjoy Egypt’s warm and sunny climate. The Mediterranean and Red Sea Coasts pass through Egypt, and this comes with beaches and clear waters suitable for snorkelling, swimming, and various water sports. Besides the beaches, its warm climate makes the place appropriate for outdoor activities like desert safaris, biking, and hiking, among others. Check out the Nile cruise itinerary if you’re interested in exploring the Nile River.

A Great Base For Regional Exploration

The country is located at the crossroads of the Middle East and Africa, so it offers an excellent base for anyone willing to explore the region.