Spring Cleaning Simplified: A Detailed Checklist for Every Room

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By Gravalar

As we bid goodbye to winter’s icy grip and prepare to embrace the reawakening beauty of spring, it’s the ideal moment to revitalise our living spaces and ready our homes for the upcoming warmer season. Despite the current unpredictable weather, soon enough, we’ll be basking in the sun’s radiant glow, surrounded by blossoming flowers, and hosting lively barbecues with our loved ones.

This transitional period, often referred to as the ‘spring clean’ season, calls for a thorough decluttering and deep cleaning of your home to make it sparkle in anticipation of the sunny days ahead. However, it’s easy to overlook certain cleaning tasks. To assist with this, we’ve compiled a comprehensive checklist for your spring clean, conveniently arranged room by room. If you’re in London and need a place to store all the extra items after your spring clean, check out cheap self storage London.

Living Room

Often considered the hub of the household, the living room is a place of relaxation and entertainment. It is of utmost importance to maintain its cleanliness and freshness. Aside from creating a hospitable atmosphere for your guests, research has demonstrated that a tidy living room also plays a significant role in enhancing mental well-being. Here are some key cleaning tasks for this area:

Cleaning the sofa is just as critical as vacuuming your carpets. Remove any cushions and clean in between the crevices, brushing off any crumbs or dust. Consider using a fabric cleaner for a fresh scent and to remove any stains.

Clear the dust that accumulates on, around, and behind TV units, tables, and sideboards. Use a microfibre cloth to capture the dust particles and a suitable furniture polish to give a fresh, glossy finish.

Shift your larger furniture pieces to clean the often-neglected spaces behind them. This ensures an overall comprehensive clean and prevents the accumulation of dust bunnies.

Windows are another essential element requiring your attention. Clean the internal parts of the window frames and give the glass a good polish to ensure a streak-free finish.

If your living room boasts wooden flooring, now’s the time to give it a deep clean and subsequent polish. This will restore its shine and give your room a refreshed look.


Maintaining an immaculate kitchen may seem like an impossible task. However, the aim of your spring clean isn’t to keep it spotless indefinitely; rather, it’s to pay attention to the areas that often go unnoticed. Now’s an excellent time to eliminate grease from your oven, renew the interior of your dishwasher, and sanitise the inside of your fridge. Cleanse your cupboards of expired food items, and finish with a thorough wipe-down of all surfaces with an anti-bac or de-greaser. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Your oven, often subject to baking, roasting, and grilling, can accumulate a significant amount of grease over time. A deep cleanse will not only improve its appearance but also its functionality.

Empty your fridge completely and clean the internal surfaces. Remove any shelving or compartments that can be detached for a more thorough cleaning.

Defrost and clean your freezer. This is a great time to discard any frostbitten items lurking at the back.

Give your cutlery and dinnerware a thorough scrub. If they’re dishwasher safe, consider a hot wash to kill any lingering bacteria.

Clean the inside of your dishwasher. It’s a common misconception that dishwashers clean themselves, but they also need regular maintenance.

Wipe down the exterior of your kitchen cupboards. They often collect a surprising amount of dust and grime.


Despite us spending most of our time in the bedroom asleep, this room should not be overlooked during your spring cleaning. A clean and decluttered bedroom promotes a peaceful sleep environment. Here are some essential tasks:

Strip the bed and wash or replace your sheets. A fresh set of linen can significantly improve your sleep quality.

Wash your duvet covers and pillows. Over time, they can gather dust mites, so a good wash can help alleviate any potential allergies.

Vacuum your mattress. You’d be surprised at the amount of dead skin cells that accumulate here!

Depending on their care instructions, wash your pillows and duvet, either at home or using a professional dry cleaner. This will help keep them fresh and allergen-free.

Dust your blinds or launder your curtains. These often-forgotten areas can collect a significant amount of dust.


Often a daunting task for many, cleaning the bathroom is an essential part of your spring cleaning. With frequent use, it’s usually cleaner than other areas of the home, but a deep clean is beneficial. The goal here is to declutter and sanitise. Here are some tips:

Scrub your toilet and sink using a bleach-based cleaner. This will not only remove stains but also kill any germs.

Clear any plugs that are draining slowly. This will prevent any future plumbing issues and help maintain a cleaner bathroom.

clean your shower curtain or get a new one. It’s surprising how much mould can accumulate here.

Use steam to make the bath sparkle. This will remove any soap scum and leave it sparkling clean.

Give the tile grout a good scrub to restore its original colour and prevent mould build-up.

Make sure your mirrors are spotless. Use a glass cleaner for a streak-free finish.

Use steam to get your floor really clean. Not only does this sanitise the floor, but it also leaves it shining.