Increase Conversion: Most Effective Way

Having an online store means you need an online platform to easily manage and move money online.

PayPal is the most convenient payment option for your potential customers, the transaction fees may weigh a little burden, but the checkout conversion rate feature of PayPal helps online retailers and sellers.

As PayPal made the checkout experience simple, easy, and quick, results came that there is higher conversion rate and higher online sales.

Did you know that 69 percent of those who shop online, abandon their e-shopping cart? The statistics have shown that 3 out of 4 shoppers do not complete their purchase and abandon their e-shopping cart. The shopper may have numerous reasons why they do this, but the main reason is the more clicks and keystrokes it takes to check out, gives more opportunities for the shoppers to change their mind.

Thus, PayPal speeds up their checkout process. They auto-populate the shipping and billing information, thus the crucial clicks and keystrokes from the checkout process are eliminated.

More than that, PayPal gives the shoppers the confidence in their purchases by providing a reliable, and trusted payment method.