How Do You Submit A Request Online To Stop Mail Forwarding?

If you need to stop your mail from being forwarded, you have submitted a temporary change of address. Had you submitted a permanent change of address that needs to be reversed, you do so by simply submitting another permanent change of address. However, there are many people that of course submit a temporary address change because they are traveling and plan to be at another location for quite some time. They need their mail, but what happens when they need to cancel a forwarding request?

Do You Want To Cancel Forwarding Request?

You ran across this article because that’s exactly what you need to do, cancel that forwarding request. Did you submit the original change of address online? The reason I ask is if you did, you are familiar with the fact that you are going to be heading back to the USPS website to take care of this business matter quite easily. Once you get to the USPS website, there are only a few simple steps required to get the job done. Soon, you will have cancelled the forwarding of your mail, and you will be back to receiving your mail at your primary address.

Perhaps you submitted a temporary address change, but you ended up having to cancel your trip. Or maybe you provided the dates for the address change, but the dates have changed. Here is what you do in either one of those situations, or any other situation in which you need to cancel or alter an existing temporary change of address.

Official Change Of Address On USPS Website

You have to navigate to the official change of address form on the USPS website. You get there by clicking on ‘receiving mail.’ You will see the appropriate options populate, and you need to again navigate to the official form for changing your address. The next thing you need to do is look close to the bottom of the page. You will see an option about updating a change of address. You can view a change of address, cancel one or make changes, the choice is yours.

You might not even remember the dates selected, so viewing the change of address would be a good idea in that case. Yet you either need to cancel or edit the change of address that you have submitted. If you need to edit the temporary change of address, then you are going to want to first know what date you are going to choose. If you need to cancel it, then you are going to go with that option and will be guided through the process.

Need Original Conformation Code

You do need to know that you are going to need your original confirmation code in order to do this online. You will have either been given a confirmation code by email or on a letter sent to you by snail mail if you handled the change of address in person at the post office. If you have all of your ducks in a row, this should be quite easy. Here’s to hoping that you are able to change or cancel the temporary change of address in a matter of minutes. Know more information on change of address at